About Us

102_2372 (3)Art on the Boulevard is an artists’ co-operative located in west Fort Worth at 4919 Camp Bowie Boulevard, Suite B.  We are 2 blocks east of the Merrick Street and Camp Bowie Boulevard intersection.  Our goal is to furnish a place where the artist can be free to express themselves with few boundaries, and maximum support.  Most of our artists work in 2- dimensional media.

We opened in 2002  and now house 10 artists.  We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 11-5 PM, or by special appointments.  We usually have six receptions per year starting with the FWADA Spring Gallery Night in late March.  We host a summer show usually in late June or early July,  our FWADA Fall Gallery Night Show in early September, Art and Words in late September, an Artists Night in October, and finally a Holiday Reception in early December.

Our styles represented are abstract expressionism, impressionism, photo realism, and pop art.  The media of the art is oil, acrylic, pastels, pencil work, watercolor and some sculpture.  We can be reached at during gallery hours at 817.737.6368  


Meet the Artists:  Rebecca Pelley McWatters and Phillip Ecton

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2019 Reception  4-7:30PM

“Abstracts, Modern Gardens, Santa Fe Living”   Rebecca is presenting a new series of her colorful and lively impressionist work, rendered with oil and canvas.  Palette knife work plays heavily in a portion of her work.  Please plan to come by and meet Rebecca and enjoy a free night of art, music, wine and cheese.  This exhibit will extend through October 26th.                                                                                                          ” Phillip Ecton and Algorithms”  Also on exhibit at this reception will be the work of Phillip Ecton using non-linear algorithms to generate images of varying complexity.  The vagueness of the images created allows the viewer to create their own private interpretation of what they are seeing.  Some images are similar to a Rorschach inkblot.  Phillip uses a beautiful array of colors and energetic designs. Most images are presented on stretched canvas.  His hop is that through the viewing of the images the viewer can take away their own ideas and be inspired to create media adding to the information content of humanity as a whole.