Gale Johnston

102_1978Green     Acrylic on canvas 30 x 40″

Gale Hit the Road Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 40

Hit the Road     Acrylic on Canvas 40 x 30″ 

Cg.johnston..five cellos..acrylic.canvas

Two Cellos        Acrylic on canvas  40 x 30″


Ivy      Acrylic on canvas 24 x 24″


Keyboard    22 x 28″  Watercolor on Paper 


Girls Night Out      22 x 28″  Watercolor on Paper



Nude        30 x 22″  Watercolor on Paper


Nude II       40 x 28″(Watercolor on paper)


Smoke Rings     32 x 53″ (Watercolor on paper)


Gale Johnston.Diptych.Right

Music, Music, Music       Acrylic on canvas  1 of 2   36 x 24″


          40 x 30 Acrylic on canvas

Gale Johnston. Diptych.Left

Music, Music, Music  Acrylic on canvas 36 x 24″

100_1453   Numbers             Diptych    Acrylic on Canvas 30 x 24″ (Sold)


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