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Stay tuned for information on the date and time of the 2018 Art & Words Show.

Submissions are open each year from March 1st to April 1st. For submissions guidelines, see Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam’s (project creator/coordinator) website:

What is the Art & Words Collaborative Show?

In Fall of 2012, Bonnie Jo Stufflebeam curated the first Art & Words collaborative show at Art on the Boulevard. She accepted eleven visual pieces of art and eleven written (poetry, flash fiction, and flash nonfiction). Each writer whose work she chose then chose one piece of visual art on which to compose a new written work. Each visual artist then chose of the written pieces on which to create a second visual work. On October 6, 2012, Bonnie displayed all forty-four pieces of visual art and written work at Art on the Boulevard in Fort Worth, Texas, for one week.

Now the Art & Words show is an annual event, taking place every Fall. Submissions are open each year from March 1st to April 1st. If you’d like to submit, please send up to three .jpgs of your visual work or up to three .rtfs or .docs of written work (up to 1,000 words) to Be sure to include “Submission” in the title. Unpublished or previously published work are both accepted. Submitters who submit three pieces will have a better chance at being selected.

The Art & Words Show was profiled in the March/April 2014 issue of Poets & Writers.

Several of the written works from the shows were reprinted from magazines or went on to be published in magazines, some of which you can read for free, linked below:


“After the Night Ride” by Laura Madeline Wiseman in Silver Blade

“Odd Hours” by Tony Pisculli in Grievous Angel

“The Piper’s Due” by William Ledbetter in Daily Science Fiction

“Madness” by Holly Walrath in Crab Fat Magazine

“Notes Toward a Eulogy for Celis Margrave” by T.D. Walker in Web Conjunctions

“To Escape the Witch’s House” by Layla Al-Bedawi in Liminal Stories

“Those Who Are Left” by Cassandra Rose Clarke as part of a reading at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Houston

“The Cats of Dornishett” by Michelle Muenzler in Skelos

“630ml” by Tony Pisculli in The Arcanist

“The Last Bombardment” by Kenneth Schneyer, adapted for stage by Oncoming Productions for Minnesota Fringe

“Alambre” by Holly Schofield in Every Day Fiction

“Lady of Gold” by Karen Bovenmyer in Remixt

“Propagation” by Layla Al-Bedawi in Strange Horizons

“Original Trolls” by Laura Madeline Wiseman in GIMME YOUR LUNCH MONEY: Heartland Poets Speak Out Against Bullies

“What the Rats Saw” by Katharyn Howd Machan in Postcard Poems and Prose

“The Dream In Which Every Time I Ask For a Parable, a Man Hands Me a Fish” by Joe Milazzo in Black Warrior Review

“Myth of the Mother Snake” by Carrie Cuinn in Liminality

“Future Fragments, Six Seconds Long” by Alex Shvartsman in Diabolical Plots

“O What Freedom, This Great Steel Cage” by Shane Halbach in Analog

“Crossing the Fairy Threshold” by Laura Madeline Wiseman in Silver Blade

“Man in the Moon” by Camille Griep in cahoodaloodaling

“What the Dollhouse Said” by Karen Bovenmyer in Devilfish Review, audio reprint in Pseudopod

“Off-Campus Housing” by Holly Schofield in AE: The Canadian Science Fiction Review, reprinted in Quarterreads and Meduspod

“Those Menacing Invites” by Matthew Pitt in Hobart

“Medusa Panties” by David Sklar in Cold Reads

“Keith Crust’s Lucky Number” by Alisa Alering in Flash Fiction Online

“Drinking Grandma’s Tea” by Julie C. Day in Bartleby Snopes

“The Sweet Life” by Aidan Doyle in Everyday Fiction

“Copy Machine” by Shane Halbach in Flash Fiction Online

“Fox Watches, Refusing to Smile” by Katharyn Howd Machan in Spoon River Review

“The Rumination on What Isn’t” by Alex Shvartsman in Nature

“The Scene” by Janet St. John in Passages North, reprinted on her website

“Crazy” by Nan Byrne in Seattle Review

“Hansel Lost” by Joseph Stanton in Spoon River Poetry Review

“A Kingdom for a Horse” by Aidan Doyle in Penumbra

“The Last Bombardment” by Kenneth Schneyer in Pseudopod

“Selecting” by John M. Shade in Daily Science Fiction

“Six Drabbles of Separation” by Kenneth Schneyer in audio format on The Drabblecast

“The Machine” by Sean Robinson in Daily Science Fiction

“Crab Feast” by Cynthia Ray in Dark Bits

“The Unmoveable Sky” by Deborah Walker in Poe Little Thing, reprinted in After Ever After and The Toasted Cake

“The Faces Between Us” by Julie C. Day in Interzone

“A Meal” by Anca Szilagyi in The Cafe Irreal

“Crash Landing” by Julie C. Day in Flashquake

“Infinitite, 2 AM” by Sarah Kate Moore in Pacifica Literary Review

“Totality” by Tony Pisculli in Daily Science Fiction

“Paradigm Shift” by Julie C. Day in Electric Velocipede



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